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"Rx for limp lashes. Professional makeup artists know that heating an eyelash curler creates a "set" just like a curling iron. But this trick could cause problems in the hands of an amateur-until now. The Hot Lashes® Eyelash Curling System pairs an eyelash curler with a safe, battery heated strip for long-lasting definition."

"Hot Lashes® bills itself as "the finest, fastest. and most effective eyelash curler system on the face of the earth." Such hype usually tends to curl our toes, not our lashes, but we'll also be the first to admit that unlike some of the products that grace this column, Hot Lashes® really does work."

"What we liked: Eye-drama galore. Plus, the enclosed mascara is to die for; it's long lasting and smudge proof, even after a five mile run."

"Hot Lashes Heated eyelash curling system and the Perfect Lash comb featured on CBS May 18th, "Living it up with Ali and Jack" on the Must have Beauty products for High Tech Cosmetics. We just love it when others love our products the way we do. What a beautiful acclaim."


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The Original Heated Eyelash Curler


For a Limited Time

Heated Eyelash Curler

The Hot Lashes® Heated Eyelash Curler , the One and only ORIGINAL, recommended by top makeup artist and celebrities, is the safest and most effective way to make eyelashes curled, long and lush all day long for more Beautiful Eyes®.

How do models and celebrities sprout lashes long enough to knock off their sunglasses? It's " Pump-up" Lash Fibers clump free, lash fattening fibers build up lashes with an effect like false eyelashes only more natural! Just brush these fuzzy little white fibers on between layers of mascara to the desired thickness

Make-up artist aren't the only ones fallen in love with Hot Lashes®, Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dyan Cannon, Prince & Mayte, Joan Van Ark, Janet Leigh, and Libby Weaver the anchor for Extra, have all added Hot Lashes® to their beauty regimen. Additional rave reviews for Hot Lashes® have been featured on CNN, E-entertainment, Good Morning LA, Extra, Carolyn & Marlyn, and Home & Family.

Heated Eyelash Curlers is a must have amongst celebrities, makeup artist, and European royalty. Hot Lashes Heated Eyelash Curlers have been featured on CBS, CNN, E-entertainment TV and more. Unlike other heated eyelash curlers which are only partially steel, It's 100% steel provides a tighter, longer lasting curl. The new heated eyelash curler design provides a sturdier grip and a rounded silicone pad that curls lashes instead of crimping them. Your beautiful eyes will appear more open, creating an instant lift highlighting the beauty of you eyes. 

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